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by Paige Campbell April 03, 2020 4 min read

These are strange times we are living in right now, and many of us have extra time on our hands with nowhere to go. The Aurora Designer team has compiled a few suggestions for our community to utilize and make the most of this retreat from normal life.


Learn something new

You may hear this suggestion a lot and think to yourself, “Yeah, but what?”. Hot tip: make a list of things you’ve always wanted to accomplish. From there, you can decide what is possible to do right now! Here are a few examples of things on my list:

  • Travel to Paris. I can’t travel there right now, but I can...
    • Put together a Pinterest board. Collect information about international travel, style tips, places to visit, travel blogging, and whatever else pops up
    • Learn French. I know a little bit of French from high school and college, but to refresh my memory and continue my language-learning journey I can use a free app like Duolingo to further my language education 
  • Health and fitness. Maybe I can’t seek out a nutritionist now, but I can…
    • Do extensive research about my body type and nutritional needs, being sure to watch videos from board certified doctors for reliable information (I highly suggest Doctor Mike on Youtube)
    • Find a mindfulness or meditation app that works for me. My personal favorite is Stop, Breathe & Think
    • Pick a new workout routine and find an app or live workout series to follow. Yoga is one of my favorite activities, and Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is great for beginners and pros alike. Instagram live has also never been more popular! You can find many influencers or fitness gurus broadcasting free live workout sessions daily. @toneitup and @rrayyme are two accounts that offer great daily sessions that are both fun and challenging!

So many of our goals seem out of reach right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to make those things happen in the future. We have time now to do all the things we never have time for. Make the most of it!


Play games

If you are stuck at home, a classic and fun way to pass the time is with games. Board games, video games, computer games - you name it! Whether you are isolated with family or all alone, games are a great way to keep busy and have fun. 

If you’ve already gone through Monopoly and Sorry! and all your other favorites, try creating a game to play during TV time at night. Google has a lot of great suggestions for games to play while watching your favorite shows. Fantasy leagues, drinking games (if that’s your thing), or even exercise routines when characters say certain phrases. Check out this website for ideas on creating a fantasy league for an old season of The Bachelor you haven't seen.

Stuck at home alone? Call up one of your friends and play a game of trivia or 20 Questions. I recently played a game of Uno with a friend over FaceTime and it was so much fun. We each had a set of the cards at home and would show each other the next card before we put it down on our respective piles. It worked out surprisingly well - we even have a game of FaceTime Monopoly coming up soon. Get creative!

Accessorize and stylize

Now is the time to go through all your clothes. Yes, I said it: ALL of them! You know those things you have shoved in the back of the closet that you never wear? Now you can take a trip down memory lane and try everything on. There has never been a better time to assess your closet, your shoes, and all of your accessories. Find new outfits, bag up things you no longer need, and refresh your style by looking over everything you already have and matching shoes and earrings to new outfits.

Another suggestion? Play a little dress-up! Just because you are stuck in the house doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look gorgeous and give yourself a little makeover. If you have kids, include them in on the fun. Try new styles, follow a makeup and hair tutorial, and do a photo shoot. Have everyone feeling their best and make a party out of it. Blast some music and have a great time!


Done all that and still looking for something to do?

Check out this list of additional activities to pass the time:

  • Read the other half of that book! We all have at least one that we stopped reading halfway through
  • Have dinner with your friends or family over FaceTime or Skype. You can even enjoy the same meal together
  • Make a new recipe with the things you have in your cabinets
  • Spring cleaning! Everyone is pretty on par with this suggestion, but there is always more to do. Organize your closet, put up that shelf you forgot about, or rearrange your refrigerator. A clean house leaves you with a clean mind
  • Get ahead on a creative project you “never have time for”. Want to write a book? Go for it! Dusting off the old paint set? Yes, please! Recall your creative soul
  • Enjoy your backyard. Have a fire, roast marshmallows, and breathe in the fresh air. It’s good for you
  • Start a YouTube channel. Seriously! Even if all your videos are private, showcase your talent for friends and family. Start a cooking show, have storytime, or show off your inner comedian
  • Let out your inner child. Build a fort, sing along to Disney songs, and dance all around the house with your kitchen spoon microphone
  • Listen to a new podcast. More and more people are coming out with new podcasts lately and there is truly something for everyone
  • Take virtual tours of places around the world. Check out some of the world’s most famous museums here
  • Last, but not certainly not least: stay calm and try to keep your mind focused on the positive. Practicing mindfulness, journaling, or meditation are all great ways to keep your intentions set and keep your mind at ease

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