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by Support Aurora Designer March 10, 2022 3 min read

So you found your engagement ring, now the hunt for the perfect wedding band ensues! But there are hundreds and thousands of wedding band styles to choose from, where do you start?

We get asked this question almost everyday and we want to create a quick but informative guide to help you through this process! In this article, we will explain some of our wedding band categories, when to consider these styles, and what customization options are available. Since many of our engagement rings are unique and feature a low-profile setting, we will focus on wedding band styles that cater to low-profile settings.

Keep in mind, at Aurora Designer, our rings are fairly customizable. This means that in general, we can customize the width, height/thickness of the band, as well as the type and size of stones used on the band. If you purchased your engagement ring from us, as an added bonus, we can always customize the wedding band to fit your engagement ring perfectly, so you never need to worry about the fit!

Let's begin!

Open-End Bands

Open-end bands are a great option to pair with engagement rings that are set low and touch the finger. These bands are a great alternative to a classic straight band, which often does not sit flush with the engagement ring. The gap in an open-end band can be customized to fit seamlessly around the head of your engagement ring (up to 8mm wide) and allows the band to line up perfectly beside the engagement ring.

Here are some of our popular open-end bands:

Spacer Bar Bands


If your ring sits low on the finger, but the ring head is larger than 8mm, you may want to consider a band with a spacer bar. This type of band will look very similar to an open-end band, as the thin bar will slide underneath the head of the engagement ring, allowing the wedding band and the engagement ring to stack flush. However, the spacer bar allows the wedding band to still be “one solid piece”, without any gap or opening. So the band with the spacer bar is more durable than an open-end band, as there is no gap that could get caught and risk snapping or breaking.

Below is our basic spacer bar band. We can make this in plain gold, in any width, and set with any gemstones you prefer.

Curve Bands

Curve bands are another popular wedding band type for engagement rings that are set low. These bands typically contour around your engagement ring snugly. There are many types of curved wedding bands, such as sunburst, V-shape (also called chevron shape), deep curve, shallow curve, etc. At Aurora Designer, our bands are completely customizable. If you see a style you like in our shop, simply contact us with details of your engagement ring and we can help you design that style (or something similar) to pair with your engagement ring! 

  • Simple Curve Bands

    A simple curve band is a great option if you are looking for a band that fits well with your low profile engagement ring, but do not want to detract attention from the engagement ring itself. These can be made plain or with pave stones for minimal contrast.

    Here are some of our popular simple curve bands:

  • Enhancer/Sunburst Bands

    Enhancer bands are curved bands with more detail or flair involved, which enhance the engagement ring and are used to create a statement stack. Examples of enhancer bands are sunburst bands, bands that are set with larger and/or fancy shape stones (marquise or pear-shaped stones, for example), and with more detail (milgrain, bezel, shared prongs, etc.).

    Here are some of our popular enhancer/sunburst bands: 

    We have an extensive collection of sunburst bands here. Generally, the stones on the band can be changed depending on stone availability (e.g. change pear-shape stone to marquise-shape), and additional stones can be added to make a bigger curve to fit a ring, etc. Contact us for details to discuss any customization needs.

    Other Bands


    Have something else in mind? Feel free to contact us with photos and details of your dream band and we can make it a reality. Our bands are completely customizable, which means we can make exactly what you want - with stones, without stones, thicker, a different gap, or a curve to fit your ring.

    Happy stacking!


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