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by Paige Campbell February 13, 2020 4 min read

In our last article, we covered ring pairing. More specifically, we went over how we match a wedding band to an engagement ring so that they will stack well (sit flush) together. For some rings, that process can be a bit more involved. 

Engagement rings with certain settings or uniquely shaped stones often require a custom curve or custom band design altogether. We at Aurora Designer offer a variety of unique engagement rings in all shapes and sizes. So, we have opened up the doors to custom wedding band design directly through us! We will help guide you through the process with a few questions you may be asking yourself:


I bought my engagement ring from you. How can I get a matching wedding band made?

If you bought your engagement ring from us, we have the original computer design and can easily create a matching wedding band that will fit the engagement ring perfectly! Take a look at the different wedding band styles we offer here, then let us know what style(s) you prefer and we will take it from there!


I know a straight band won’t stack with my ring, but I am not sure what will go with it. What kind of band do I need?

There are various types of engagement rings and wedding bands. Everything you need to know about what type of engagement ring you have and what types of bands will match can be found in our last article

If a straight band won’t work with your engagement ring, there are generally three types of contoured wedding bands to choose from:

  1. Contoured/Curved Wedding Bands

Contoured or curved wedding bands have a soft curve that matches the outline of your engagement ring and allows for the engagement ring to sit comfortably against the band. Here are some examples of our contoured or curved bands:


2. V-Shaped/Chevron Wedding Bands

V-shaped or chevron wedding bands have a sharper curve that forms an angled V shape. This type of band will fit best with an engagement ring that has a geometric or pointy end. Here are a few examples of our V-shaped bands:


3. Sunburst Wedding Bands

Sunburst wedding bands refer to wedding bands that create a halo or sunburst effect to enhance your engagement ring. This type of wedding band usually features several stones set in a half-circle shape - either using diamonds or a colored gemstone that complements your engagement ring. Here are a couple examples of our sunburst bands:


Regardless of the terminology used or the shape of the wedding band, it is best to choose a band that conforms to the outline of your engagement ring. We are happy to tailor-fit our existing wedding bands to your engagement ring or custom create a wedding band altogether. Take a moment to measure your engagement ring as instructed here, then contact us to get the process started!


I like a band you have for sale, but it’s straight (or the curve is too small to fit my ring). Can it be customized?

Absolutely! Most of our bands can be customized to fit your engagement ring. Each of our curved wedding band listings include measurements of the inner curve of the band, as shown below:


Measure the setting of your engagement ring and compare the measurements with the inner curve measurements of the band that we provided in the listing.

If it does not fit, please message us directly with the measurements of your engagement ring, along with photos from the top and side views. We should be able to customize the fit so that the two rings will pair well together. The more photos and detailed measurements you can provide, the better!



How do I measure my engagement ring?

Using a digital caliper is the best way to ensure the most accurate measurement. You can find these for a reasonable price on websites such as Amazon (they sell one for about $10here). Alternatively, a measuring tape or ruler with millimeter markings can be used (1 inch = 25.4 millimeters).

The measurements you will need to take are:

  1. Width of the Setting 
    • If it is a solitaire ring, measure the width and length of the stone including the prongs.
    • If it is a three-stone ring, measure the width and length of the area where you want the curved band to hug around


2. Length of the Setting 


3. Width of the Band  (also known as the shank)


4. Overall Height of the Setting


5. Width of the Bridge (where the setting connects to the shank)


Once you have your engagement ring’s measurements, please compare those to the prospective wedding band’s inside curve measurements in the listing (see photo below):



If your ring has additional stones that will affect the measurements, please message us with photos of your ring and we will provide further instructions for measuring.


What do the measurements in your curve ring listings mean exactly? 

The measurements are usually done in millimeters. You should compare these numbers to the measurements of your engagement ring. The curve needs to be wide and deep enough to go around your engagement ring so the two rings will stack flush (bands should sit next to each other with no gaps), and the curve in the wedding band will create a nice contour around your engagement ring.


What information do you need in order to create a custom wedding band to fit my engagement ring?

When you contact us to inquire about a custom wedding band, please provide us the below information:

  • Photos of your engagement ring from the top and side views
  • Measurements of your engagement ring in millimeters. Please refer to this FAQ on how to measure your engagement ring
  • Preferred material (14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum) and ring size for the wedding band


 In Conclusion

Understanding the shape and measurements of your engagement ring is the first step to finding a suitable wedding band for a perfect pairing. Browse through our vast collection of wedding bands, compare your engagement ring's measurements with our bands, then contact us if you have any questions! We have made hundreds of wedding bands for our customers and will help you find the prefect match for your engagement ring!

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