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Care Guide

Our jewelry items are delicate pieces of art, made and set by hand. They are made from carat gold and platinum, which are soft metals that can be scratched and damaged during daily wear. Therefore, you should always exercise care when wearing a jewelry piece from our collection. Some best practices are:

  • Do not wear your jewelry during strenuous activities such as working out, gardening, doing housework, etc.
  • Do not wear jewelry while showering, swimming, or sleeping
  • Avoid applying pressure to jewelry, as that could misshape the metal and force stones to come out of their settings
  • Regularly clean your jewelry at home using mild soap and a toothbrush
  • Take your jewelry to a reputable jeweler twice a year for cleaning and to check for loose stones
  • Purchase insurance for high value items in case of loss or theft
Many of our gemstones are rustic in nature and may have internal and external imperfections. *NEVER* run these pieces through an ultrasonic cleaner!
Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner at home for any pieces that are set with small gemstones. The vibration from an ultrasonic cleaner can loosen small gemstones. The piece should always be visually checked by a professional jeweler after going through an ultrasonic cleaning. Again, we highly recommend *against* using this cleaning device at home for any jewelry that has pave- or prong-set stones.

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