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Solid 14K 18K Gold 11.5mm Push Gate Round Pendant Holder Enhancer Annex Link M4029

♥ This is a solid 14K or 18K gold round circle-shaped charm enhancer with a push-open (spring gate) mechanism (the opening will self-close from the spring action inside the enhancer)
The enhancer measures about 11.5mm in outer diameter, and 1.9mm thick (full round shape)
Can open and connect two chains together, and string multiple charm or pendants together

♥ Material: 14K or 18K gold (~1.2g for the solid 18K gold piece)

♥ We recommend the solid version and would like to phase out the hollowed version. If you prefer the hollowed version at the lower price, please purchase accordingly.
♥ Other sizes/designs available, message us for details
♥ Anything that features a spring mechanism (e.g. spring gate charm holder) can be easily damaged. So anything of this nature is not eligible for returns and can be repaired or exchanged only.

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