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Screw Closure Large Rectangle 19x9mm 14K Gold Carabiner with Diamond Pave Pendant Holder Enhancer AD2185D

Made-to-order. Our standard production time applies.

♥ This is a solid gold carabiner pendant enhancer with diamond pave that includes an opening that can be screwed open to hook on one or multiple charms
♥ The outside measurement for the carabiner is 19mm x 9mm, and is 1.3mm thick, the screw bar is 7.5mm, the opening is about 3mm wide 

♥ Material: Solid 14K gold, weight is about 1 gram
 Gemstone: Diamond, 0.18ct
♥♥ We can custom make this in any size, any thickness, and set any gemstones you want on the slider. Contact us for details.

♥ Free shipping in the US.
This item is made-to-order and non-refundable. Please refer to our FAQ page to see the latest production time.

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