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Five Marquise Moissanite Crown Ring 14K 18K Gold Platinum PT950 Wedding Band AD1831

♥ This is a versatile crown ring set with marquise shape moissanites, forming a gentle curve that will hug your engagement or solitaire ring so beautifully!
♥ Set on solid gold or platinum (not plated or filled, it's solid gold or platinum)
♥ The ring curve is small and will best fit with a solitaire that is set high, or a very small low-profile ring.
♥ For reference, the solitaire ring in the pairing photos features a 1ct (6.5mm) round brilliant cut stone.

Fitting with your engagement ring:
♥ If your stone is set high, then this ring can work with up to a 1-carat stone (6.5mm wide).
♥ If your stone is set low (lays flat on your finger), then this ring can work with up to a 2mm stone.

♥ Ring size: US 3-9
♥ Ring width: 1.3mm
♥ Gemstone: 4*2mm marquise moissanite
♥ We can also make this with diamonds. Contact us for a quote.

⧫⧫ Moissanite is an amazing alternative to diamonds! Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 (harder than sapphires and rubies), and a higher refractive index (sparkles even more than diamonds)! It is manmade, so no mining is involved. It is completely eco-friendly and a great value for the price! ⧫⧫

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♥ You are buying *ONE* ring as seen in the first photo. The other rings are not included in this listing. They are to show pairing options only.

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