10-13mm Baroque Pearl Necklace with 18K Yellow Gold Clasp AD2320

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♥ This is a statement necklace strung with baroque freshwater pearls and a 18K yellow gold corrugated bead clasp
♥ The pearls are large and have amazing peach/purple colors and metallic sheen! They are irregular shaped (baroque pearls) and gradual in size. The center pearls are the largest at 13mm, the pearls on the ends are 10mm.
♥ The pearls are nicely knotted between each pearl for durability and safety.
♥ These are natural pearls, so they have blemishes and some areas have thin nacre. But they have such beautiful colors, making this an absolutely lustrous necklace to have on your neck!

♥ Material: 18K gold bead clasp, freshwater pearls
♥ Length: 18"

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♥ This is an in-stock item and ready to ship right away!

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