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2.71ct Hexagon-Shape Gray Moissanite 14K White Gold Engagement Ring R6248

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♥ This is a stunning ring, featuring a large hexagon moissanite that reflects shades of gray

♥ The setting measures 13.7mm in length, 8.6mm in width, and stands 6.9mm tall from the finger

♥ Six claw prongs secure the elongated hexagon gemstone

♥ Check here for our custom wedding band options: https://bit.ly/2QEpLqi


♥ US Size 7.5 (Free resizing up or down one size)

♥ Band width: 2mm

♥ Material: 14K white gold

♥ Gemstone: Hexagon moissanite 2.71ct


✦ Moissanite is the perfect diamond alternative! Moissanites have a higher refractive index than diamonds, meaning they sparkle even more than diamonds!

✦ Moissanite is eco-friendly and human-made. No mining involved.


♥ Free shipping in the US.

♥ This is in stock and ready to ship right away!

Customer Reviews

Based on 347 reviews
Torin Medure

Perfect, solid great piece


Always the best experience! Thank you!

Unique ring

Love this ring, not only for it's beauty but also the unique design, simplicity and lovely gem stones. Very nice quality as well. Highly recommend!!

It is very pretty and on trend!

I bought this in combination with a lady bug necklace from the same store. The color scheme works perfect together for a unique look. Looking forward to wear it all summer long dressed up or down.

Tess Suzanne
Simply Perfect

This chain is simply perfect and simply gorgeous! It is perfect for the gorgeous pendant, also purchased from Aurora Designer for my wedding day. I can tell this will last me a long time and because the pendant isn’t attached I can use other pendants or wear it on its own since it’s lovely enough to stand by itself. If I ever need another chain, I’ll be ordering from here!

Always Be First