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0.2ct Moissanite Pave Wedding Band with Slight Curve 14K Gold M5049

♥ Solid 14K gold wedding band set with Moissanite in a pave style with a slight curve
♥ This is the companion band to our engagement ring AD1961.

♥ US Size 3-9
♥ Band width measures about 2mm
♥ Gemstone: Moissanite 0.2ct

⧫⧫ Moissanite is an amazing alternative to diamonds! Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 (harder than sapphires and rubies), and a higher refractive index (sparkles even more than diamonds)! It is manmade, so no mining is involved. It is completely eco-friendly and a great value for the price! ⧫⧫


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