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Black and White Diamond Mobius Strip Full Eternity Wedding Band 14K White Gold

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♥  The Mobius strip or Mobius band is a surface with only one side and one boundary. It has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. What this means is that as you begin at one point on the Mobius strip, it is an infinite circle that never ends and just goes round and round. It makes a great symbol for marriage/partnership and eternal love
♥  You are purchasing the full eternity Mobius ring, one strip is fully set with clear diamonds, the other stirp is fully set with black diamonds. Amaizng craftsmanship and a unique ring that cannot be found anywhere else!

♥  Ring width: 2mm; the Mobius surface measures 2mm at the widest point
♥  US Size 6 (Cannot be resized)
♥  Material: 14K white gold
♥  Gemstone: genuine earth-mined clear and black diamonds

Customer Reviews

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Always the best experience! Thank you!

Unique ring

Love this ring, not only for it's beauty but also the unique design, simplicity and lovely gem stones. Very nice quality as well. Highly recommend!!

It is very pretty and on trend!

I bought this in combination with a lady bug necklace from the same store. The color scheme works perfect together for a unique look. Looking forward to wear it all summer long dressed up or down.

Tess Suzanne
Simply Perfect

This chain is simply perfect and simply gorgeous! It is perfect for the gorgeous pendant, also purchased from Aurora Designer for my wedding day. I can tell this will last me a long time and because the pendant isn’t attached I can use other pendants or wear it on its own since it’s lovely enough to stand by itself. If I ever need another chain, I’ll be ordering from here!

E Devlin
Diamond Wedding Band

The band is well made. We customized the design slightly and it came out just as I wanted. Jo was very helpful throughout the process and made sure that i had the ring in time for my wedding day

Always Be First