Kite Shape Spinel Solitaire 14K White Gold Engagement Ring Bridal Set Matching Crown AD1686S-3

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♥♥ This listing is for a set of two rings. You can choose to buy either ring, or the entire set. 

♥ The overall setting for the engagement ring measures 9.1mm in width, 7.9mm in length, and sits 4.3mm tall from the finger
♥ The overall setting for the engagement ring measures 9.6mm in width, 6.2mm in length, and sits 3.1mm tall from the finger

♥ This is quite a statement ring with a beautiful kite-shape spinel set in solid 14K white gold
♥ We matched this geometric-shaped ring with a matching crown wedding band set with red spinel's with a matte finish on both rings

♥ Ring size: Engagement ring US 6.25, wedding band US 6.5 (Free resizing up or down 1 size)
♥ Ring width: Engagement ring 1.6mm; wedding band 1.7mm
♥ Material: 14K white gold
♥ Gemstone: Center spinel 1.2ct; wedding band spinel 0.24ct

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♥ This item is in stock and ready to ship right away!

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