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Bar Set Golden Petroleum Quartz Earrings 9K Gold R3121

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♥ Minimalist earrings set with two natural petroleum quartz crystals, secured by gold bars, creating a modern and clean look with an amazing gemstone
♥ The earrings measure about 7mm in length, 5.5mm in width, and sits 5.3mm tall.

♥ Material: 9K yellow gold
♥ Gemstone: Petroleum Quartz, about 1.5ct total for each pair of earrings
♥ All gemstones used are genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict-free!

Golden enhydro quartz, also known as petroleum quartz or enpetro quartz, is one of the most extraordinary forms of quartz crystals. Enhydro is a Greek word meaning water within. Golden enhydros got their name when quartz crystals formed around liquid yellow petroleum oil deposits, sealing them inside forever. This process unfolds over 500 million years and golden enhydros are found in only 3 locations to date, the Himalayas, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

In the world of metaphysics, quartz is considered a supreme gift from Mother Earth and used as a powerful energetic gemstone for aiding in healing, meditation and spiritual communication. When other minerals are contained within a quartz crystal, their energy is amplified and harmonized with their quartz host, resulting in a more accessible and potent healing frequency. 

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Customer Reviews

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So, it was a bit of a wait, and I understand why.
However, it was SO WORTH IT!

I ordered a Sz. 5.5US, it fits beautifully. Grey salt and pepper is gorgeous!
I have many rings that this will pair well with (Solitaire, cushion cut, emerald cut,etc )
That being said, the band is beautiful but, it's a little more delicate than I thought.
However, I have other rings that are gold and very delicate that hold up well with constant wear.

I have been wanting this ring for so long! I finally decided it was time.
If you like grey/salt and pepper diamonds and something unique, this is for you!

Laura M
Fabulous ring!

Aurora Designer was very easy to work with and accommodated my questions and requests, and they made it easy for my fiance to order the ring when he was ready. The ring is beautiful and exactly what I wanted!


This is the most unique wedding band I have ever seen. It sparkles so perfectly and pairs well with my salt and pepper diamond ring. You all did a fabulous job and I will be sure to purchase from you in the future!! ❤️🥰 - Carly Jordan

KAtia MArtins
Annex link

Love my purchase. Great price, quality… shipped fast… already purchased another link in different size..can’t wait to get it!

Beautiful ring

It is a beautiful pink gold ring. Match perfect with my wedding ring adding sparkle

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