Tourmaline Carving Butterfly Flower Pendant 18K Rose Gold Charm Necklace Carved Wing BiColor AD1777

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♥ This is a super cute pendant with a tourmaline butterfly carving set beneath a flower carving. Both tourmaline pieces are bi-color.
♥ Set in a nature-inspired and delicate design in solid gold. The flower carving is set on top of the bail, offering some movement from the butterfly.
♥ The pendant measures 18.5*10.8mm.

♥ The necklace chain is *NOT INCLUDED*. You can purchase the solid 14K gold chain as an option, or use one of your existing chains for the pendant.
♥ All of our necklace chains are solid 14K gold and have a slider bead, which will allow you to adjust the necklace length freely. By default our necklace chain will be 17.5" in length, which can be adjusted shorter by using the slider bead. Our necklace chains weigh over 1g.

♥ Material: 18K gold
♥ Gemstone: Tourmaline carvings
♥ All gemstones used are genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict free!

♥ Free shipping in the US.
♥ This is an in-stock item and ready to ship right away!

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