Tiny Rectangle Shape Emerald Bezel Set Pendant Charm 14K Yellow Gold Assorted Charms OOAK AD2340

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♥♥ This listing is for several assorted charms/pendants that are in stock and ready to ship
♥ Tiny rectangle-shape Emerald bezel set pendant set in 14K yellow gold

♥ A- Measurements Width-3.7mm, Length- 4.7mm, Height- 2.8mm
♥ B- Measurements Width-3.1mm, Length- 5.7mm, Height- 2.3mm
♥ C- Measurements Width-3.7mm, Length- 3.9mm, Height- 3.19mm
♥ D- Measurements Width-3.17mm, Length- 5.34mm, Height- 1.7mm
♥ E- Measurements Width-5.3mm, Length- 6.2mm, Height- 2.1mm
♥ F- Measurements Width-3.8mm, Length- 5.7mm, Height- 2.3mm

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♥ This is in stock and ready to ship right away!

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