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Rainbow Sapphire Gemstone Pendant Necklace 14K Gold Adjustable Chain September Birthstone AD2205

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♥ This is a beautiful pendant set with two rows of rainbow-colored gemstones.
The gemstones include:
- Ruby
- Sapphire
- Tsavorite (green garnet)
- Topaz
- Amethyst
♥ The chain measures 17.5 inches at its longest. It has a slider bead, which will allow you to adjust the necklace length freely to a shorter length.

♥ Material: 14K yellow gold
♥ Gemstone: Ruby, sapphire, tsavorite, topaz, amethyst
♥ All gemstones used are genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict free!

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♥ This item is in stock and ready to ship right away!

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