Raffle Entry - "Evil Eye" Talisman Necklace 14K Yellow Gold with Half Moon Teal Blue Green Sapphire AD2268

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♥ In light of the recent Atlanta shooting and rising crime against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US, we are raising money for donations to various organizations and GoFundMe projects that are supporting the Asian community.
♥ All funds raised through this event will be matched and donated to support the #StopAsianHate movement
♥ Go to the #StopAsianHate GoFundMe page for more information and resources about this movement
Learn more about the history of bigotry and discriminations against Asian immigrants, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans

♥ The pendant is set with a half moon-shaped teal sapphire in the center, then accentuated with a half spray of golden sun rays at the bottom of the pendant
♥ The pendant is secured to a solid 14K gold necklace chain
♥ The chain measures 17.5" at the longest, and has a sliding bead to allow you to adjust the length of the chain freely
♥ The pendant measures 26.5mm in width and 13.0mm in length.

♥ Gemstone: Genuine sapphire
♥ Material: 14K yellow gold

♥ Free shipping to the raffle winner to anywhere in the world!


♦♦ What significance does the "Evil Eye" hold?

The eye depicted in this pendant has been a symbol across civilizations dating back to ancient times. The eye was a symbol for the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and even used by the Ancient Egyptians to bring healing and protection. This "Evil Eye" now holds symbolism in almost every country in the world.

We hope that this lovely piece of jewelry will bring its wearer protection, good health, and prosperity! ♦♦


-- Raffle Terms and Conditions --

♥ Each raffle ticket will cost $10

♥ You get one entry into the raffle per purchase. You can buy as many entries as you'd like. 

♥ Raffle will close on April 11, and we will draw ONE winner for this necklace.

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