Kite Shape Sunstone 14K Yellow Gold Three Piece Engagement Ring Set Diamond Wedding Band AD2180

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♥ This is a three-piece bridal/engagement ring set. They must be sold as a set.

♥ This kite-shaped Tanzanian sunstone is a gorgeous sunset-colored orange-pink with confetti flecks throughout the stone. A truly stunning alternative engagement ring. All set in 14k yellow gold.
♥ The two pieces that make up the wedding ring set are sleek 14k yellow gold chevron bands, created to fit perfectly around the engagement ring, and with a few diamonds set asymmetrically on the band. These rings are versatile as either band can be worn above or beneath the engagement ring.

♥ Ring size: US 6.25-6.5 (Free resizing up or down 1 size)
♥ Band width: 1.95-2mm
♥ Gemstones: Tanzania sunstone, 1.94ct; stones on the wedding bands are diamonds
♥ All gemstones used are genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict-free!

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♥ This is an in-stock item and ready to ship right away!

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