Custom Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Gold Solitaire Classic 4 or 6 Prong CE2901

♥ Design your own salt and pepper diamond engagement ring!
♥ Pick a stone we have in stock and set it in one of our existing ring styles

1. Pick a stone from the drop-down menu
2. Pick a ring style
3. Provide these details in the personalization field:
-- Ring size
-- Gold color
-- Customization: width of shank, engraving message (up to 15 characters), date needed by

➤ See here for video clips of the diamonds -
Round Brilliant Cuts:
Rosecut Rounds:

♥ The price listed includes everything - the stone, the ring setting (including pave diamonds on the shank), all materials, and labor.
♥ By default the ring will be made in 14K gold. If you need it in 18K gold or platinum, leave it in the note field and we'll contact you to finalize the details.
♥ If you need any customization or a different ring style, please contact us prior to your purchase.
♥ Include the gold color and ring size you need when you place your order, we will confirm the order with you immediately after your purchase

About the Styles -
♥ 4-Prong - This is the standard 4-prong setting with a knife edge shank, as shown in the photo.
♥ 6-Prong - This is our Tulip basket 6-prong setting. If you would prefer a standard 6-prong setting, just leave a note for us.
♥ 4-Prong or 6-Prong with Diamond Shank - This is the 4- or 6-prong setting with an additional half eternity diamond pave on the shank, as seen in the last photo. The diamonds are 1mm each.

About the Diamonds -
♥ Our inventory is changing all the time. Convo us if you don't see detailed specs on a stone that you like!
♥ Gorgeous round brilliant cut or rosecut diamonds with some inclusions!
♥ All stones are natural and earth-mined, no treatment has been done on any of these.
♥ Guaranteed conflict free!
♥ Carat weight and sizes are below (All diamonds listed here are available. If you don't see the price in the drop-down field, convo us for a quote.):
Stone Weight (ct) Size (mm)
RBC01 0.53ct 5.0*3.2
RBC02 0.65ct 5.3*3.5
RBC04 0.85ct 6.0*3.6
RBC05 0.86ct 6.0*3.0
RBC06 0.71ct 5.7*3.4
RBC07 0.77ct 5.6*3.7
RBC09 0.77ct 5.9*3.6
RBC13 0.63ct 5.2*3.4
RBC20 0.93ct 6.0*3.9
RBC23 0.91ct 6.0*3.7
RBC25 0.84ct 5.6*3.9
RBC28 0.81ct 5.8*3.7
RBC29 2.58ct 8.3*5.8
RBC30 1.79ct 7.6*3.7
RBC31 2.27ct 8.3*4.2
RBC32 3.06ct 9.0*5.1
RBC33 3.26ct 9.5*5.7
RBC35 1.00ct 6.4*3.8
RBC37 1.51ct 7.2*4.6
RBC38 1.88ct 7.9*4.5
RBC39 0.52ct 4.7*3.4
RBC40 0.53ct 5.0*3.2
RBC41 0.50ct 4.9*3.2
RBC42 0.65ct 5.5*3.3
RBC43 1.00ct 6.1*4.0
RBC44 1.59ct 7.3*4.6
RBC46 0.72ct 5.6*3.6
RBC47 0.95ct 6.1*4.0
RBC48 0.77ct 5.9*3.5
RBC50 0.71ct 5.4*3.7
RBC51 0.75ct 5.6*3.6
RBC53 0.74ct 5.6*3.6
RBC54 0.76ct 5.7*3.9
RBC55 0.81ct 5.7*3.6
RBC56 0.92ct 5.9*3.9
SPR07 0.65ct 5.8*2.3
SPR12 0.85ct 6.6*2.3
SPR13 1.04ct 6.6*2.8
SPR18 0.56ct 5.3*2.3
SPR19 0.68ct 5.6*2.6
SPR20 1.39ct 6.5*3.9
SPR21 1.40ct 7.6*3.0
SPR22 1.58ct 7.7*3.2
SPR23 1.08ct 7.0*2.8
SPR25 1.69ct 7.8*3.4
SPR27 1.25ct

♥ Ring size: US 3-10
♥ Band width: 1.5mm for plain shank, 1.3mm for shank with half eternity diamond
♥ Gemstone: Natural round brilliant cut diamond or rosecut diamond

♥ Free shipping in the US.
♥ This item is made-to-order and non-refundable. Please refer to our Shop Announcement section to see the latest production time.

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