Custom Listing for Nick*** SPH171 Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond Custom Engagement Ring

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♥ This is a custom listing for Nick***.

♥ This is for a custom engagement ring set (two rings):

1) The engagement ring will use SPH171 as the center stone, bezel set. Same as this style:

2) The wedding band will be a cut-out wide band, in the same style as the wedding band in the last photo (the engagement ring will be bezel set)

♥ Both rings will be made in 14K yellow gold, size 4, with a matte finish


♥ This is a payment plan listing. The initial payment should be at least 25% of the item's price. The remaining payments should be at least $100 each. The entire payment period should take no more than 6 months.

♥ If the payment plan is cancelled for any reason, we will charge a 25% restocking fee based on the full price of the item.

♥ We will begin working on the rings once all payments have been received. Production time will be approximately 5-7 weeks once we begin working on this.

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