0.6ct Australian Sapphire Gradient Color Wedding Band 14K Gold AD1509AS

Made-to-order. Our standard production time applies.
♥ This is a solid 14k yellow gold ring featuring Australian sapphires arranged in an ombre / gradient style, ranging from a mix of blue, green and teal
♥ Each sapphire measures 2-2.1mm in size and there are 12 stones on this band.
♥ The sapphire lot we use for this ring has an incredible wide arrange of colors and shades. Therefore we cannot guarantee exact colors or a specific way to arrange/order the stones. Each ring will get a random choosing of blue and green sapphires, and set in a random order. You can see the variety of stone shades/order in the sample rings.

♥ Ring width: 2.1-2.2mm
♥ Ring height: Sits 2.0mm tall from finger
♥ Gemstone: Sapphire, total weight is about 0.6-0.65ct
♥ Material: 14K gold
♥ All gemstones used are genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict free!

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♥ This item is made-to-order and non-refundable. Please refer to our Shop Announcement section to see the latest production time.

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