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Assorted 14K Yellow Gold Charm Pendant AD2356-2

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♥♥ This listing is for several assorted charms/pendants, you are buying *ONE* item as chosen from the drop-down menu

♥ Solid 14K gold, each pendant/charm is unique and we don't have another one of those

♥ #2 American Legion- Measurements Width-11.4mm, Length- 12.3mm, Height 3.4mm
♥ #3 Greek Goddess Athena Coin- Measurements Width-17.5mm, Length- 20.6mm, Height 3.01mm
♥ #4 Horse- Measurements Width-19.7mm, Length- 11.6mm, Height 3.7mm
♥ #6 Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt- Measurements Width-16.7mm, Length- 20.7mm, Height 2.1mm
♥ #8 Heart in circle- Measurements Width-12.6mm, Length- 12.05mm, Height 0.87mm
♥ #9 Ship wheel- Measurements Width-32.5mm, Length- 29.4mm, Height 4.8mm

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