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Akoya Pearl 18K Gold Necklace Dainty 4-5mm Saltwater Pearls Convertible Lariat Y Necklace AD1710

♥ This is a dainty and elegant necklace made from cultured pearls and solid 18K gold chain. But what we love most is its versatility and the genius design!
♥ A dainty 1.2mm cable chain has 3 gradual-sized pearls strung on one end (fixed position), and 7 pearls strung in the middle of the chain (movable). The 3 end beads are fixed and cannot be moved, but can be used to adjust the overall length of the chain depending on where you hook the spring ring closure (see photo). The 7 middle beads can be moved and fixed anywhere along the chain. You can wear these pearls together, spaced apart, or spaced near the end beads to make a stylized pearl pendant altogether. See the last photo for several ways to wear this necklace.

♥ Material: Cultured saltwater Akoya pearls and 18K gold chain (only yellow gold is available at the moment). The middle pearls are 4-5mm, the end pearls range between 4-7mm.
♥ As the chain is dainty, be careful and do not pull on the chain hard. If broken or tangled, we can fix it for a modest fee.

➤➤ How do I care for pearls?
➤ Pearls have a hardness of 2.5-4 (very soft as it's an organic material!), so pearls should be stored away from other objects or jewelry that may scratch their surfaces. Wrap the pearls in linen, soft cloth, or place in a soft pouch. It's ok to layer this necklace with other gemstone necklaces, but expect wear and scratches over time.
➤ After every wear, gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, excess oils or dirt before putting them away.
➤ Put pearls on after spraying perfume or hairspray, and after putting on makeup. Be very careful with chemical substances as they will eat holes in the pearl nacre.
➤ Avoid having your pearls come in contact with water! No showers, no dishes, no swimming. The chlorine in the water will cause your pearls to lose their natural shine.

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