3.63ct Oregon Sunstone 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring Green Moissanite Half Eternity AD1848-2

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♥ This is a stunning one-of-a-kind ring set with a pear-shaped Oregon sunstone!
♥ The sunstone is eye clean and emits a beautiful light green color with a hint of peachy tone. It has a special concave cut (the top and bottom of the stone have curved facets instead of flat facets!) that gives the stone a very special brilliance! It sparkles so much more with the innovative concaved facets!
♥ The shank is set with moissanites in a half eternity style. The moissanites are arranged in marquise shapes along the shank, giving the ring some extra style.
♥ The ring is slightly raised above the finger and will work with wedding bands with a very slight curve. Contact us for a matching wedding band that fits perfectly with this ring!
♥ Made from solid 14K gold

♥ US Size 7.25 (Free resizing up or down 1 size)
♥ Band width measures 2.4-2.6mm in the widest part, 1.8mm in the thinnest part
♥ Gemstone: Center stone is 3.63ct

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