3.09ct Long Oval Oregon Sunstone Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold Moissanite Sides AD2007-1

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♥ This is such a stunning engagement ring set with a long oval Oregon sunstone in the center, flanked by two trapezoid-shaped moissanite on the side
♥ The sunstone features dual tones of light green and champagne/orange known to Oregon sunstones. A very beautiful and unique stone!

♥ Ring size: US 7 (Free resizing up or down 1 size)
♥ Ring width: 1.9mm
♥ Material: 14K yellow gold
♥ Gemstone: Center sunstone is 3.09ct, side stones are moissanite
♥ The sunstone used is genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict-free!

⧫⧫ Moissanite is an amazing alternative to diamonds! Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 (harder than sapphires and rubies), and a higher refractive index (sparkles even more than diamonds)! It is manmade, so no mining is involved. It is completely eco-friendly and a great value for the price! ⧫⧫

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