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2mm Rainbow Sapphire Ring 14k Gold *HALF ETERNITY* Wedding Band AD1470

♥ This is a *half eternity* gold ring set with square sapphires aligned in alternating directions.
♥ Each sapphire is 2*2mm in size and bezel set.
♥ By default we align the colors in this order: pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.
♥ Not all colors are always available, so the exact color mixture in each ring will vary but we will use sapphires from the same lot.
♥ Solid 14K gold
♥ What is shown in the pictures are full eternity rings. The ring you are purchasing is a *HALF* eternity and has stones covering half of the band, as shown in the second picture. We haven't gotten around to update the studio pictures, so shown here are the pictures for the full eternity ring, here: https://www.auroradesigner.com/products/fancy-sapphire-ring-14k-gold-full-eternity-wedding-band-2mm-square-gemstone-bezel-set-ad1470

♥♥ Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBoTVNqFvGM/

♥ Ring width: ~3.6mm at the widest point, 1.8mm in the shank
♥ Ring height: between 1.8-2.0mm
♥ Gemstone: Natural sapphires with heat treatment; there are 8 stones on a size 6 ring

♥ Free shipping in the US.
♥ This item is made-to-order and non-refundable. Please refer to our Shop Announcement section to see the latest production time.
♥ We can also make this in full eternity style, here: https://www.auroradesigner.com/products/fancy-sapphire-ring-14k-gold-full-eternity-wedding-band-2mm-square-gemstone-bezel-set-ad1470

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