2.9ct Royal Purple Spinel 14K Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Solitaire Trillion Triangle AD1845-1

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♥ This is an absolutely amazing gem! It is a very clean spinel in a deep royal purple color, cut in a modified triangle/trillion shape. It has really nice luster and just sparkles!
♥ We set it on a simple three-prong solitaire setting with a knife edge shank, allowing the gem to do all the talking!
♥ The setting measures 9.6*9.2mm including the prongs.

♥ Solid 14K yellow gold
♥ US Size 6.5 (Free sizing)
♥ Band width measures 1.9mm at the widest point, 1.3mm at the thinnest point where the shank meets the stone setting
♥ Gemstone: Natural spinel, 2.9ct

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