At Aurora Designer, we strive to create jewelry for the modern man and woman. We provide fine jewelry which is unique, organic, and true to the personality of its beholder! To accomplish this, we work in three ways:

✧ We are always dreaming up new and one-of-a-kind designs to have in stock
✧ Most of our items are made-to-order so that we can provide a wide variety of styles with small-batch gemstones
✧ We also offer complete custom design to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you

Our team is small, but our love for jewelry is rampant! We use precious metals and natural, earth-mined gemstones that are always conflict free. We are proud to work with experienced CAD designers and goldsmiths, and are excited to offer you versatile pieces that you can wear for years to come.

Follow us on Instagram @AuroraDesigner999 to see our latest sparkles and designs!

We also operate an Etsy store. If you prefer to shop through Etsy, you can visit us here.

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