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Our founder, Jo, started this journey back in 2015, when she was searching for her own wedding bands and realized how much markup there was in fine jewelry. With an inquisitive mind and always interested in learning how things work, Jo explored and taught herself jewelry design, gemstone sourcing, and jewelry manufacturing. Her passion for beautiful (and oftentimes imperfect) gemstones and affordable jewelry propelled her into the world of creative jewelry design and retailing!

Today, Jo travels around the world to find the most interesting and unique gemstones, sources materials from artisan and established dealers, and works with stone cutters and jewelry manufacturers in order to bring you these unique pieces. She is passionate about studying the entire mine-to-market supply chain and working closely with suppliers at each step of the process so we can bring you these nature's wonders at a sensible price.

As our business and our team grow, we are proud to have stayed true to our initial core values: we strive to provide you beautiful, unique, and high quality jewelry that does not cost an arm and a leg. We cannot wait to share our unique findings from around the world with you, and we are committed to helping you find meaningful jewelry to commemorate any occasion in your life.

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We also operate an Etsy store. If you prefer to shop through Etsy, you can visit us here.

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