Ethiopian Opal Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold Hexagon Setting Diamond Pave Half Eternity AD1462-15

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♥ Beautiful round Ethiopian opal set in a hexagon style setting. The shank is also flanked by 3 bright white diamonds on each side
♥ The opal is incredibly fiery with a beautiful mix of green, red, and yellow flash. Opal is very difficult to capture in pictures, see the last photos for the fire in indoor lighting.
♥ The stone is set in a slightly raised setting to accommodating stacking of straight bands and other rings.

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➤ How do I care for Ethiopian opals?
➤ Ethiopian opals are hydrophane gemstones (stones contain water). It is pertinent that you keep it away from oils or liquid (including water). Avoid steam, ultrasonic cleaner, or any harsh cleaning agents
➤ After every wear, the best cleaning method is to use a clean, soft, and dry microfiber cloth to gently remove fingerprints, dirt, residue, and oils from the stone and ring.
➤ If your opals lose their fire and flash after some time, try to dry the opal as best as you can. If the color loss is permanent, we can replace the opals for a fee. Please contact us for details.

♥ US Size 6.25 (Free resizing up or down 1 size)
♥ Band width: 1.8mm
♥ Gemstone: Center opal measures 1.36ct; diamonds weigh 0.05ct total
♥ Setting size: 10.0mm
♥ All gemstones used are genuine, earth-mined, and guaranteed conflict-free!

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