1.9ct Australian Solid Opal Pendant Necklace 14K Yellow Gold Moissanite Half Halo Diamond AD1794

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♥ Solid 14K yellow gold necklace with a trillion/triangle shaped Australian opal
♥ The opal is half haloed with a row of bright moissanites
♥ This is a solid opal, not doublet, not triplet, SOLID opal that flashes nice red, blue, and yellow fire!
♥ The entire pendant is strung on a strong solid gold chain. The chain has an adjustable bead, which allows you to shorten or lengthen the necklace freely.

⧫⧫ Moissanite is an amazing alternative to diamonds! Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 (harder than sapphires and rubies), and a higher refractive index (sparkles even more than diamonds)! It is manmade, so no mining is involved. It is completely eco-friendly and a great value for the price! ⧫⧫

♥ Necklace length: 17.5" at the longest, you can adjust to as short as you'd like
♥ Gemstone: Natural and solid Australian opal, 1.9ct

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