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♦ Buy ethically
♦ Express yourself and be different

We are a woman-owned micro business operated locally here in Florida USA. Each piece in our collection is designed and handpicked from our local office. By buying from us, you are supporting a local business and a group of hard-working women and men.

We are life-long lovers of rocks, minerals, and natural gemstones. We source ethically and from reputable dealers only. Our chief designer, Jo, vows to visit every locality from which we source our gemstones and to learn about the jewelry industry as much as possible. We firmly believe that the more we know, the better we can control each step of our supply chain, so we can source and produce our jewelry with higher quality and ethical standards. This is a journey and we are doing everything in our power towards a more ethical and sustainable future. By buying from us, you are supporting our dream and helping us to sustain our ethical business practices.

We embrace diversity and imperfection, and strive to create unique pieces composed of natural and high quality materials (solid gold and earth-mined gemstones as much as possible). Our vision has always been to fill the gap between inexpensive fashion jewelry that does not last and the price tag of high jewelry that most people cannot afford. We believe that jewelry is not just accessories; it is an expression of our values and what we love. By buying from us, you are supporting our artistic vision and making a statement of who you are.

You can read more about us and our journey here.

♦ In-Stock items ship right away, usually within 2-3 days. Sizing for in-stock rings takes 1 week (5 business days).
♦ The current production time for made-to-order items is 6-8 weeks.

Production time varies depending on the specific item. As with handmade items, sometimes things go wrong and we experience delays beyond the advertised production window. We will keep you updated at all times if we experience any delay.

If you need to receive the item by a specific date, please contact us before placing your order. Always include a note with the intended delivery date when you place your order, so we can track our production against that date accordingly.

We will repair or replace any loose or lost stones for the first 12 months after purchase, if the loss or damage is due to craftsmanship. If there is damage to the item, e.g. a prong is broken or the ring is bent out of shape (usually due to force or accident), we will repair or replace the stone for a fee. After the first 12 months, we charge a fee for repairs and replacements.

This warranty does not apply to gemstones that are larger than 0.1ct, of fragile nature (e.g. diamond slices are thin and fragile, and can crack easily if not worn with extra care), or chipped through wear. This warranty is void if the jewelry has been altered by another jeweler in any way (including but not limited to resizing, resetting a stone, etc.).

As chains or anything featuring a spring mechanism can be pulled and damaged more easily, all repairs related to chains (e.g. necklaces or bracelets) and springs (e.g. push gate charm holders) are excluded from this warranty and will require a nominal fee.

Many countries charge a fee on goods imported or shipped from abroad. This fee is called the "Customs Tax" or "Import Duty".

The price and shipping charge you pay for our jewelry do not include this "Customs Tax" or any customs clearance fees assessed by our international shipping carrier. In the event that you receive a bill from your country's customs office or our shipping carrier, you are responsible for paying this fee. Please inquire with your country's customs office on the specifics related to customs tax if you have any concerns.

If the package is returned to us due to the failure of payment for this fee, we will not be able to reship the package for fee. You will need to pay for the international shipping charge again. If you decide to return the item due to the customs tax, we will charge a restocking fee for made-to-order items or custom orders.

We offer layaways or payment plans on all of our jewelry. Your initial payment should be at least 25% of the item's price. The remaining payments should be at least $100 each. The entire payment period should take no more than 6 months.

If you cancel the payment plan for any reason, we will charge a 25% restocking fee based on the full price of the item.

If you are doing a payment plan on items that are currently on sale, the sale price and discount will only apply to payments paid while the sale is going on. Once the sale is over, all of your remaining payments will go back to the original price. To take advantage of our sales, you should plan to pay as much as you can towards the payment plan during the sale period. 

Our gemstones are purchased from trusted sellers based mainly in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Everyone we work with promises to abide by The Kimberley Process, an agreement established in 2003 that imposes extensive requirements to ensure and certify that the diamonds being traded do not fund any violence or rebel groups and their allies.

There is no "Kimberley Process" for other gemstones. However, we abide by the same ethical standards and procure our gemstones only from known sources.

We travel around the world to meet our suppliers and partners to ensure that gemstones and materials used in our jewelry are sourced and produced in a responsible and ethical manner. You can be assured that we will always provide full transparency in our stones' origins and treatments to the best of our knowledge.

We purchase all of our diamonds from reputable sellers and the diamonds we use are guaranteed to be conflict free by our suppliers. 

We use mostly natural and earth-mined gemstones. For lab-created gemstones, we will always clearly and prominently state that in our listings.

While we cannot test every gemstone in our supply, we always spot test the parcels we buy and send them to GIA for authenticity and origin verification. For example, we test each of our Montana sapphire parcels to make sure they are of Montana origin. All of our Montana sapphire suppliers provide proof of their rough sourcing from Montana mine(s).

We can send any of our gemstones to GIA or another reputable laboratory for testing. The cost is typically handled by the customer and non-refundable.

We can provide appraisals for any of our gemstones or finished pieces. We use a third-party graduate gemologist to ensure that you will receive an unbiased opinion and that the suggested replacement cost is not overstated.

We recommend that you have your finger sized at a local jewelry store or by a jeweler. For in-home sizing, we offer plastic sizers here.

We use this chart for international ring size conversion: https://www.auroradesigner.com/pages/ring-size-conversion-chart

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