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Custom Hexagon Rosecut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Salt and Pepper Diamonds 14K Gold AD1468

Custom Hexagon Rosecut Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Salt and Pepper Diamonds 14K Gold AD1468

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♥ This listing is for a custom engagement ring using one of the stones shown in the last picture and set in the prong style with side diamonds (as shown in the first picture).
♥ The price listed includes the diamond you choose, set in the prong style ring (including the side diamonds). Price includes all stones, materials, and labor.
♥ If you need any customizations made, please contact us prior to your purchase.
♥ Include the gold color and ring size you need when you place your order, we will confirm the order with you immediately after your purchase

About the Rosecut Diamonds -
♥ Gorgeous rosecut hexagon shape diamonds!
♥ All stones are natural and earth-mined, no treatment has been done on any of these.
♥ Sourced ethically and guaranteed conflict free!
♥ See here for video clips of the stones:
♥ Carat weight and sizes are below:
Stone Weight Size (mm)
SPH02    2.18    10.1*7.7
SPH14    4.93    11.6*10.3*5.3
SPH17    1.17    7.3*7.1*3.2
SPH24    0.49    8.5*4.3*1.6
SPH26    2.01    10.5*6.8*3.0
SPH28    1.71    9.6*6.7*2.9
SPH29    1.78    9.6*7.2*2.8
SPH30    1.72    10.1*5.9*3.2
SPH31    0.79    9.3*5.3*2.1
SPH32    0.83    9.6*5.3*2.0
SPH33    1.41    8.6*7.5*2.5
SPH35    0.49    5.5*4.9*2.0
SPH36    0.56    6.2*4.6*2.2
SPH37    0.44    6.7*4.6*1.7

About the Ring Design -
♥ Solid 14K gold ring set with a hexagon rosecut diamond in the center
♥ The center stone is studded with a gray (salt and pepper), black, or champagne diamond on each side that nicely compliments the overall rustic theme for this ring
♥ The diamond is set low so it lays directly on the finger. We can create a custom wedding band to fit perfectly with the ring if you are looking for a wedding band as well.

♥ Ring size: US 3-10
♥ Band width: 1.5mm
♥ Gemstone: Natural rosecut diamond

♥ Free shipping in the US.
♥ This item is made-to-order and non-refundable. Please refer to our Shop Announcement section to see the latest production time.
♥ This design will also look great with many other shapes (pear shape, some geometric shapes), contact us for quotes if you are interested in a stone not shown here.
♥ We can also do this in 18K gold or platinum (PT950) for an extra fee.