July 29, 2020 2 min read

If you stumbled upon this article, we recommend that you read this blog post first to learn how to get started with a custom engagement ring.

Note: The below instructions are for placing your order through our Etsy store. We recommend that you place your order through our website, which offers greater flexibility and customization options than our Etsy store. You can access instructions for using our website to order your ring here.

If you prefer to place your order through our Etsy store, you can browse our loose stone inventory by navigating to the “Custom Rings” tab on Etsy, or by following this link.

On Etsy, our gemstones are grouped primarily by stone shape (e.g.round, pear shape, geometric shape, etc.). You can see the stone type and shape information in the title as well as in the main listing image:

Tip: Not all stones are listed in our Etsy store. To see a wider selection of gemstones, visit our website's Custom section: https://www.auroradesigner.com/pages/custom-collections-build-your-own-ring

Once youclick into a listing, you will see ALL of our available stones that fall under that stone type and shape category. For example, all of our hexagon-shaped salt and pepper diamonds will be listed in the "Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond" listing, all pear-shaped salt and pepper diamonds will be in the "Pear Shape Salt and Pepper Diamond" listing, etc.

Make sure to click on each photo and enlarge the photo to see the stones. Additional photos and videos for the stones, if available, are linked in the description. Expand the description and find the link near the top of the description. You must copy and paste the link in order to access it as the additional photos and videos that are hosted outside of Etsy.

Tip: We do our best to update the stone photos and take out stones that have sold. If you find a stone that is available in the photo but not in the drop-down menu, please contact us to inquire about that particular stone.

The weight and dimension about each stone are listed at the very end of the description. Scroll to the end to see that information:

Once you find a stone you like, you can check the price and add it to your shopping cart. The price in the drop-down menu includes the stone and a basic 14K gold setting. Gold color and setting style generally do not impact the price. You can choose from prong setting or bezel setting, round prongs or claw prongs etc. When you add the item to your cart, specify the gold color, ring size, band width, and any other customization in the note box below the drop-down menus:


Once the item is added to your shopping cart, you can check out - and Voilà, your job is done! You will be in good hands to have your dream ring made!

If a completely different style is needed, please contact us so that we can help to flesh out all the details and create a custom listing for you. We know that purchasing such a high-value item (both financially and sentimentally) is both exciting and nerve-wracking. We are here to make that process as smooth as possible for you!

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